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Gold "crayon" for recoloring engraved logos???

I want to recolor the engraved logos on my clarinet. Where do I find the gold "crayon" to do the job? I remember 10 years or so ago I found some at Michael's but today they tell me they don't know what I'm talking about. Are they available somewhere online?
The gold crayons are also available on Amazon. I am also planning to do the logos on my clarinet but after doing the research it looks like after cleaning the logo with a needle the gold also fills in any slight indentations in the wood around the logo.

It works for the pros but for us do it yourselfers it looks like a mess. Is there a way of cleaning up the wax from the indentations where you don't want it?
I use masking tape to limit the area for rubbing the colour on
Carefully pick out old fill with a needle
Heat the area gently - I use a hot air gun on a low setting. A hair dryer would work but must be gentle
Apply crayon
Heat gently over crayon
Rub over the indents with the side of a large needle spring to push colour
Rub off excess starting from periphery of logo going inwards to centre.

Thanks Chris J

Your technique obviously works well, the pictures look great. I will work very slowly and carefully using your method.
I don't know what Ferrees crayon is made of. I use a wax based product (Liberon wax filler stick), so the heat helps settling it in to the imprint.
I just did the logos on an old Leblanc and they came out perfect. I do have a recommendation however. DON'T use a needle or anything metal to clean the logos. You'll find it can create accidental scratching and actually deform the engraving. INSTEAD, use wooden toothpicks. The round ones NOT the flat ones. They work much better than needles, etc., and will not gouge the wood. Also I found it unnecessary to use heat of any kind. Just rub the crayon into the logo and carefully wipe the excess. Here's an example of how it looks on a Boosey....haven't taken pics of the Leblanc yet....


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