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Grofe - on the trail

Carl H.

Distinguished Member
Distinguished Member
Does anybody have a copy of the sheet music for the bass clarinet solo in "on the trail" from the grand Canyon suite that they would be willing to share?

No time like the present to get ready for that beast.


Old King Log
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I have one of all of the clarinet parts for all of the movements somewhere, but if you need it soon, you are out of luck. We have a good portion of the house stuffed with my book collection while we are repainting our "great room" following hurricane repairs, and the music boxes are buried at this point under some two to three thousand books. They will not be seeing the light of day until the new bookcases are installed and the books are moved back. Sorry.

(I have so many books at this point that I finally bought myself a book cart (like you see in the bookstores). It's shaped like a brick hod, and can carry a stack of twenty to thirty hardbacks at a time. My lovely wife refused to help me move the books unless we got one first.)

There is a simple solution for the long tumbling solos in the "On The Trail" movement of the Suite: get a Selmer bass clarinet pitched in A. Transposed for the A horn, the solos are all in C major, and are (literally) like falling off a log.

Of course, all you have to do is to find someone who has one. Can't help you there, cowboy - the only one that I've played in modern times (after 1964) was a Selmer owned demonstrator. Call Stan Garber and tell him that TLS sent you...

The last time that I played "On The Trail" with a community group, I went and practiced the moves on my Bb horn starting two weeks before the music was passed out. Imagine my surprise when the parts to the high schoolish transcription were passed out and I found that the bass clarinet solos had been moved to the bassoon part. Bummer.