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Hello to all, a newbie question, I found what seems to be a Buffet-Crampon clarinet

That someone is asking $80.00 for. It has the Buffet- Crampon logo on the case, but not on the instrument.
There is some fine engraving that has a serial number (?) The number is 101483. Under that is engraved Made in Germany. Can anyone tell me a little about this instrument and it's approximate value? Pic included



Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
A little on the blurry side, too. OK, a lot on the blurry side.

* Assumption: it's by Buffet
* Assumption: it's made in Germany
* Conclusion: it's a Buffet B12 student horn or an E11 intermediate-student horn

Should you buy it? Too many variables. It's possible that the mouthpiece, alone, is worth more than $80. It's possible that the horn has all fused keys and springs and it'd cost several hundred $ to get it into playing condition.