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Just returning to playing the clarinet from a long hiatus (many years) and got a great deal on a Yamaha Advantage "new" and still have a few Vandoren MP's and ligatures. Bought some reeds with a few more on order. Have my old books though still remember much of my old playing days. Any tip you can offer in the way of a good beginning mouthpiece and ligature to make this sound really good? Thank you



Brassica Oleracea
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Please don't post the same thing in two places, clarinetfellow. That's called "cross-posting." We don't allow it here.
Guys, Thanks for your post. First I was started with ''Buffet Prestige Low-C Bass Clarinet''. Father gifted me that. As it's rare so he bought it from forsale.plus.

Still it's giving a clear voice with a clear tune.
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