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Help about broken clarinet

Hello everyone,

I bought a vintage clarinet on eBay for $20.
I don't know the correct brand, it has only "Progressive Paris and B1205" as i show in the images.
When i was trying to remove a screw, i broke the base of it and now i have to glue it.
Which is the correct glue/procedure to use? The clarinet is made of some kind of plastic or rubber that i don't know the name.
Please look at the photos to see better what i tried to explain.

IMG_20150716_221234.jpg IMG_20150725_144143.jpg IMG_20150725_144111.jpg IMG_20150724_214528.jpg

Thanks so much for your help.

I'm sorry for some bad english because i'm portuguese.

Best regards,
Cristiano Beviláqua