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Help identifying a Selmer Clarinet please.


After a recent clear out of my parents house i found my old clarinet i used to play at school. It originally belonged to my Mum and i'd never really paid it much attention when i was younger. I was just wondering if someone could help identify it. All parts are stamped "Henri Selmer Paris" apart from the mouthpiece which is newer and made of plastic. The only serial number i can find on it is "L837".

If anyone can help i would be very grateful.



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I have one like yours that's 500ish serials away. Original owner was in Barnum and Bailey's band, and it had a 1930s Selmer mpc with it and a Selmer repair pamphlet that had a date of some time in fall 1934 written on it. (and several other things, including another clarinet.)
The timeframe matches up with the serial chart, too.
Mine looks like it'll probably be nice after a repad-the majority of the pads somehow still seal but there's a broken spring; and it sounds rather nice.
Are you going to get yours fixed and (re)learn on it?
Thank you for the info I had no idea it was that old. Unfortunately my mum passed away so i can't ask her where she found it. But it's nice to know a bit about it. It was re-padded and had some other bits attended to about 15 years ago but not really used much since. I do remember I found it quite heavy and uncomfortable when I was a school, but it made a nice sound.

Sadly I don't think I really have the time to take it up again right now.
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