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Help with yamaha 304b tenor

I just purchased a Yamaha YRT 304B tenor recorder (the one with the pair of keys for the lowest pair of holes, right hand pinky finger) and I'm just having a devil of a time getting it to produce the low C and occasionally D. They both sound an octave higher than they should. I'm betting this is pretty likely caused by poor finger placement (not covering all the holes). I can sometimes get the low D by descending from a good E or F then E but the C almost always goes immediately to the higher octave, even after achieving the low D. also there seems to be no pitch difference between C and C# and both are jumping up in octave when I attempt them.
Is this just a Practice Practice Practice issue or have others had a tough time with this too? I've tried pressing my fingers harder over the other holes and adjusting my hand/finger positions over the holes but have yet to find the right technique that works consistently. Any tips would be much appreciated. I don't have an issue with reaching any of the holes just sealing them (I think).

I love the sound I get otherwise, I'm just really struggling with the lowest notes.
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