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Herb Couf


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just read this on the Clarinet BBoard. copied verbatim with permission

Herbert Couf passed today 7/08/2011
Author: John J. Moses (---.nj.res.rr.com - (Road Runner) Fort Lee, NJ United States)
Date: 2011-07-08 18:29

Herb Couf's passing today is a great loss to the Clarinet & Saxophone community.

Herb was the 1st. Clarinetist in the Detroit Symphony when I met him and studied with him as my first great Clarinet teacher. He opened the Royal Music Center in the Detroit area, worked with Armstrong Musical Instruments, Artley, Inc., and had Keilwerth make his unique COUF Saxophones.

Herb was a great musician, a great guy, full of really new ideas, made his own line of mouthpieces, and everything else we all needed as musicians. He was a truly unique guy and will be missed by many all over the world.

May his passing be a blessing.

Condolences can be sent to Herb's wife:
Mrs. Herbert Couf
37685 Russett Drive
Farmington, MI 48331


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There is an event honoring the memory of my Herbert Couf, who passed away in June. On Sun. at 1:30-4:00pm.

There will be a concert performed by Detroit Symphony musicians and Faculty & students from Wayne State University. The concert will be at The Community House, 380 South Bates Street, Birmingham, MI 48009, all are welcome!
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