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Hey, they actually changed it. Does that mean I'm legit?


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I have been working on a table of Adolphe Sax saxophones with links to pictures and other information. While I was looking for horns on a museum website, I saw a link to a Key, Rudall, Rose, Carte & Co. saxophone (KRRCC). I don't think I've ever seen one, so I checked it out, especially because it was listed as from 1858.

It wasn't a KRRCC, much less from 1858. I could see left-hand bell keys and a I was pretty sure I saw an "Adolphe Sax" stamp on the bell. So, I wrote the museum a very nice letter and they sent an e-mail back telling me that they'd contact the university that actually has the horn in their possession. A couple weeks later, the horn is now properly labeled as an Adolphe Sax instrument. Which now has the engraving, "Medaille d'Or 1990."

* Sigh *
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