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Hi from the Midlands

Hi All

I’m based in the Midlands, via Scotland- Australia-Germany and now England since 82, and yes I’m old but still enjoy my music.

I started playing full time in the Military. See pic, RAA band in Richmond, Sydney, Australia.( I’m next to the flute, playing Clarinet, in front of the Bari sax.) Although I started in the Australian Army Band as a National Service call up, was over the moon when I was accepted in the band.

I then followed my bandmaster Who took over the police Band in Sydney ( see pic, clarinet with the pomerico mouthpiece)

I was lucky to land a position in a small orchestra in Germany for a few years, then London where I taught for a few years. I play mostly Soprano & Tenor sax as my retirement instruments, ( also a bit of Guitar)which i really enjoy.( Mostly the America songbook)
Welcome to the forum Manco!

I guess I’m the opposite of you. Guitar is my main instrument (acoustic mostly), but I love to mess around on my clarinet occasionally too.

I’m retired as well. I hung it up this passed February, and I’m still trying to adjust to not getting up and going to work.
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