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Houston Saxophone Repairs??????

Hi Everyone,

I have (had) a brand new Yamaha Custom 82Zii (unlaquered) and the "Sound Tech" on my ship knocked over my saxophone while pulling cables that he shouldn't have been anywhere near and bent the whole lower stack out of alignment.

Does anyone know a reputable saxophone repair tech in the Houston / Galveston, TX area that is experienced with the fine tuning repairs that a professional would require. (Aka guys that are known for working on Symphony players or pro jazzers etc.)

If you have a contact in Houston / Galveston, TX area, please send me an email to nv_musicaldirector@rccl.com so I can get in touch with them.

Thank-you for any help you can offer!



Old King Log
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I used to use a guy who once worked for the old H & H Music, but he died on me five years ago, and I haven't found anyone locally to replace him.

My symphony contact retired at about the same time, and he has moved away.

There is a reopened H & H Music up on Old Galveston Road (Texas Highway 3), at the intersection of OGR and Dixie Farm Road (I think). They have a couple of guys who are competent, but not as professional as was old Fred.

THe guy that I currently use is up in Saint Louis, so that won't do you any good.

Finally, if you think you are in trouble, I used to be homeported out of San Juan. Just try and find a repairman there on a weekend...


Brassica Oleracea
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I'd go with SOTSDO's comment, because he lives in the area. If you want another opinion, head on over to http://www.napbirt.org. I got four hits when checking for Houston.
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Karl Fulbright at Inhorn Band Instrument Repair will do a good job for you. Another tech with a good reputation is David Sheppard at H & H Music.