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How many WX5 players are here?


How many WX5 players do we have here?

What sound modules do you use?

I play Yamaha WX5 with two YamahaVL70ms (custom TURBO chip models) and one Yamaha TX81z

I have one

I use VL70m. I have tried straight into the computer for tone generation, but there is slight delay that is too annoying!

But it is purely a practice tool for me. It is hooked into a mini sound mixer, along with my computer, an iPod, a microphone, input from a "Best Brass" sax mute, and output goes to headphones, speakers and computer (to record)

Means I can practice, playalong with any input I like and record (including duets, trios etc with myself using Adobe Audition) - all without embarrassing myself out loud....

I use my WX on the gig in my duo http://wwws-cats.com

I can do a decent job of emulating trumpet, trombone, clarinet, harmonica, and other instruments. This adds to the variety of sounds I can make.

Plus my tenor is set up for a bluesy "Texas Tenor" sound so when I want to get mellow I use tenor patches.

My guitar is plugged into an amp-sim/direct box into the PA and some of the TURBO guitar patches let me get effects not available to me with my guitar (besides, I'm a much better woodwind player than I am a guitarist).

Do an original Lyricon, WX11, and WX7 Count? I used the Lyricon with an Oberheim 4-Voice SEM monster, and the WX's with an Oberheim Xpander/TX81Z combo. Lots of fun, but I prefer cane.
Sure, why not?

I had a WX7, two WX11s and now have 2 WX5s. I also have 3 saxophones, one flute, one guitar, one bass, a few keyboards, and a dozen or so sound modules and samplers.

If I was confined to only one instrument, it would be tenor sax, but I'm glad to be able to play others and get the expression that each one provides for me.

Does anyone use their WX5 for inputting into sibelius or Logic???

If so does it work well???

Is it a pain or relatively easy to hook up to a computer??




Brassica Oleracea
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I used a WX11 for a long while.

Now, as far as inputting music, I had fairly old (now) versions of Finale and Mark of the Unicorn's Performer. The WX11 was MIDI-aware and I just had to hook up the old MIDI interface and connect the standard in/out cables and viola.

I really do mean "viola". I heard strings.

Anyhow, Finale and Performer allowed several different ways of entering music. One of the more simple ways was to set up a "beat" track (I had the beat pulsing through my Yamaha FB01, Roland D5, Roland U110 or Roland D50 -- old skool rocks!) and then play to that. I kept it very slow, as I found the WX11 to be very touchy on getting the notes right (both duration and pitch) -- at least for Finale/Performer to be happy.

As an alternate way of entry, I could get the D50 hooked up with a "sustain" pedal and tap the beat with my foot on the pedal. I wasn't consistent enough to do this, but the gentleman I worked for could do this, without issue -- however, he never used the WX11, he only used his D50. Yes, he was also a sax guy, like me.

While the WX11 is more old skool than the WX5, they both use MIDI and if you have a MIDI interface, I'm relatively sure you can play into just about any newish music app. Hey, I stopped my life in electronic music in the mid 1990's.
I use 3 WX7s and a couple of modules since the day yamaha introduced them. My favorite synths are a VL1m and a clavia micro nord. Just recently also got and ewi4000s.
Another WX-er here. I use the WX5 and VL70m with the Turbo chip from patchman music. I sometimes like to fool around with the flute and brass sounds.
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