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How to get good answers


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If you want to get the most from this forum and you have a question, if would help if you provided some basic information. There are two ways to do that; through your profile and in your post. If you include the info in your profile using the 'User Control Panel' above then you don't have to repeat it in every post on this site.

Here are a few suggestions to consider:

  • - What is your level of experience both playing your instrument and musically, in general?
    - Approximately what age/school group are you in?
    - Where are you on this blue marble? We can tailor an answer better if we know that even if it is just to list your state or country.
    - If seeking to buy something, what is your price range?
    - What is the specific use of the equipment or information you seek; jazz, classical, hobbyist?

I will update this post if you think I've forgotten anything. Thank you for your time.


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If you post a question about an instrument, in the form of, "What do I have?" It's best if you ....

* Post a few good pictures (or links to good pictures).
* A (partial) serial number. If you're going to go with a partial serial number, go with a LOT of digits. In some cases, "123xxx" isn't as helpful as "12345x".
* Any identifiable markings on your horn. This could be engravings on the bell, numbers on a tenon, etc.
* If it says, "Made in" and where someplace on the horn.

In most instances, the mouthpiece and/or case does NOT tell you anything about the instrument, as they're interchangable. (The head joint on a flute is somewhat interchangable, but we're generally talking very high-end flutes.) So, if you say, "I've got a clarinet with a Brilhart mouthpiece. I must have a Brilhart clarinet!" You're probably wrong.

(Oh. Posting pictures of moldy, cracked reeds isn't a nice thing. Thanks.)