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Hug Orr Books, and tenor recorder book

Hi, this is my first post, so I present myself. I live in Spain (and my english isn't good, so I'm sorry), 43 years old, and I play cello five years ago.

Recently I've interested myself in the recorder. I've bought two plastic recorders: a treble recorder (Aulos Classroom 709BW) and a tenor recorder (Aulos 511B). In the future I hope to buy a wooden recorder, maybe a Moeck.

I've acquired a book for self-teach me: The recorder book, by Kenneth Wollitz. I think it's a great book about technique. But I also want to acquire some book with scores in order to practice, and I've thought in Hugh Orr books about recorder: Basic recorder technique (two volumes for alto recorder, and two volumes for soprano/tenor recorder).

My first question is about these books. I would like to know if the books about soprano/tenor recorder have the same textual content (the same words) that the books about alto recorder, and it only changes the scores; or if the book content is different fo each of them. And in the first case, another question arises: the tenor scores and the alto scores are the same (but in different spitch); or they are different compositions?
In short, I want to know if the author has given a diferenciated treatment to alto recorder and to soprano/tenor recorder (it would be the ideal); or if he has made essentially one only book, but edited both for alto and soprano/tenor recorder.

My second question is about tenor recorder books. Is there any book that specifically deal about tenor recorder? The most books deal about alto recorder technique. I can see some books about soprano/tenor recorder, indistinctly, but I do not know not a single one exclusively about tenor recorder. I think it cannot be all the same to learn soprano recorder than to learn tenor recorder, except for the fingering (and it seems a superficial similitude).

Thanks very much.
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