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I guess practise is the answer

Hi to All,
I am about three weeks into Clarinet ( Yamaha Ycl255 ) and six months into Soprano sax, long story why the two.
My question is with the Clarinet. I have found the low register chela.... so easy ( sound wise according to the chromatic meter ), the clarion on the other hand up to C6 was a challenge.
I could not get D5 at all so started backwards from C6, now this region is far more consistent.
BUT for the love of me I just can not get B5 or C5 even if I try and slur. On the odd occasion I have just flaked the notes.
At 70 I appreciate things are a little slower and I am very new to the clarinet, but is it unusual not to able to achieve these two notes.
Any advice would be most welcomed to correct the situation.

1) Make sure your instrument is regulated. Take it to a woodwind tech.
2) Make sure you are using proper breath support.

These may or may not be your problem, but this would be my first guesses if it were my instrument.

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