I see your Conn 14M and raise you a 13M!


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eBay Ad. Pic gallery on my website. Serial number is 7875xx. It has rolled tone holes and the bell-to-body "X" crossbar.

The ad says that this is a DJH Modified horn. Doubtful. All the DJH Modified horns I've seen were Keilwerth stencils and this doesn't look like a Keilwerth.

The only real problem is with the serial numbers. If you go with a UMI serial number chart -- i.e. the guys that bought Conn from DJH -- the serial number is 1980 or late 1990s. But 1980 is before Conn was owned by UMI. A Conn serial number chart says 1959. That doesn't work, either.

I did a bit of checking in my archives and I found a 13M low A baritone. My notes say the serial is 005549. That also doesn't really fit anything.

Anyone else have any info?
I just bought a 13M Low A bari, (SN 005543). It is clearly not the High Pitch 13 M of the '30s. It has sheet metal Key Guards, looks exactly like the pix in the 2015-04-19 entry. The Bell has "CONN" and "USA" stamped on it and it says "Made in USA" under the serial Number. It has Rolled Tone Holes, (previous Info says Conn stopped Rolled Tone Holes in the 1950's) It is clearly has more modern Keywork too. Well used shape but still playable (and restorable, get out the Dent Balls). ( I have a 12M transitional too, it is an interesting comparison)

I am guessing, but it may be a UMI horn. I cannot find anything matching the Serial Number to a date or location. Does anyone know when/where this was made.
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