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I too am trying to find info about my LeBlanc clarinet

My parents bought me this LeBlanc Paris III Symphonie II Model [HASHTAG]#8144[/HASHTAG] Bb Clarinet waaay back in 1969 for something like $400.00.
I've looked high and low about this serial number and can't find a thing about it...I think it is an old model???
I am not interested in selling it...I am just curious as to when it was manufactured and if it is worth keeping an extra eye on it!!!!
Thanks for any information or direction to any information


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1. Not enough exclamation or question marks.
2. Mid 1950's is when the horn was made. Leblanc's not good about giving out serial number info. If you want an exact date, e-mail them through the Conn-Selmer website.
3. Pimping Steve's website: http://www.clarinetperfection.com/clsnLeblanc.htm.
4. Symphonie review: http://test.woodwind.org/clarinet/BBoard/read.html?f=1&i=225914&t=225914 (several models reviewed).

For some reason, I can't access eBay, so I can't see closed ads. If you want a fairly decent idea of how much a Symphonie II is worth, checked closed ads for a horn in the same basic condition as yours.
Thank You Pete. I'll follow up on your suggestions....
Sorry bout the exclamation or question marks. Broccoli gives he the heebs?
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