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IDRS at Brigham Young University week of 7/21/2008


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International Double Reed Society conference 2008:

Anyone else going? I'll be performing Tuesday afternoon with the "Georgia Double Reed Ensemble" (a quartet) on oboe d'amore and bassoon.

I've been to a number of conferences by various instrumental organizations, and for my money the IDRS takes the cake. The conferences are large, well-planned, and well-attended by lots of major players, pedagogues, scholars, and vendors.

And a bonus for me this year: BYU is my alma mater.



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BYU conference

I would encourage all young woodwind doublers to attend this if you can. The music business is so difficult today that success is at best a crapshoot. The best chance for success is to be fluent on as many woodwinds as possible. Start now.
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