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Im very new, but a mouth piece question.

I have an Artley 18s (no idea what the 18s means!) but it squeaks a lot. Im using a 2 reed. I played a really old Yamaha roughly 35 years old and I played it well with zero squeaking and the notes were very crisp. I played the yamaha for 20min and my music experience and confidents jumped heaps.
My teacher who is away atm payed the Artley with her mouth piece and it sounded magnificent too. Her's was a Jupiter mouth piece.
Are there other mouth pieces available that will go into the Artley that will aid and sound better then the standard one?



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Almost any mouthpiece will fit almost any Clarinet.
And the 18S on your Artley is the model.
You sure there aren't any leaks in it?


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More than enough mouthpiece suggestions for beginners are at http://www.woodwindforum.com/forum/index.php?threads/mouthpieces-for-beginners.22274/. However, I'd ask your teacher to a) play your horn with your mouthpiece then b) ask her if the horn needs any repairs and/or that you should use a new mouthpiece/ligature/reed/whatever. A teacher that's there with you should better than some random folks on teh Intarwebs.

FWIW, it's very possible that you're just using too soft of a reed. However, when I do troubleshooting, I generally go from the cheapest/simplest to the expensive/complicated :D.
Thanks very much for your comments and thoughts. My teacher is away for a few more weeks and Im chafing at the bit. I have found by adjusting the ligature to a certain position and tension it has just about eliminated the squeaking.
I just set aside a few hours with no expectations and just tinkered with the reed and ligature position. It was a wow moment when I discovered how important the ligature setup was. I have at each practice successfully replicated the exact position and get excellent tones now.