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Improvised music in a Coffee Shop


It has been awhile since I have posted here, but I wanted to let everyone know that if you're in the Great Los Angeles area I will be playing, with a great bassist and drummer, here:

Cycleway Coffee

5526 Monterey Road

Los Angeles, CA

July 8 6:30-9:00 PM


I'll be playing soprano and tenor saxophones.

Jeff Schwartz will be on double bass.

Tom Steck on drums.
Got any more like this coming up? I'm sorry I missed the 7/8 gig, but didn't see your post until a couple of days ago.

An acquaintance of mine was playing on Saturday mornings at a donut place near Van Nuys somewhere, if you can believe it. I stopped by one of those mornings to deliver a tenor case he bought from me and, at his invite, sat in with him for a few tunes.

We played with CD play-alongs and there was only one customer in the place the hour I was there who got up and walked out at a time not complimentary to the show.

I hope it's better in a coffee shop.