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In need of a "B" key for a model 45 Noblet + a couple of small pieces

I could certainly use some help with finding a replacement low "B" key for a model 45 Noblet that I am rebuilding. It suffered a fall while living with the former owner and the key got bent. It's the pad cup itself that is bent and I have tried and am at the point where I don't believe that it will ever be beaten back into the proper shape to do the job. I could also use two or three pivot screws and the little axle that holds the crows foot key on although the pivot screws and axle are not critical to getting this back together, they would certainly help. I would even be willing to buy a lower (right hand) section with these parts on it as long as they are usable. I'm not 100% sure but I think that the Normandys used the same Leblanc keywork as did the Noblets.