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Interesting find

This might be interesting to someone. These are marked as Paris Buffets. There is one bell and one barrel missing, both easy fixes. It is a little hard to see all of the details here, but one appears to be full Boehm(?) and both appear to be one piece bodies. I would expect the price to be more than I can afford on a Social Security budget, especially with the bids at over $100 with six days left in the auction, but it might turn out to be a good "get" for someone else.


Two Vint/Ant. Carl Fischer LP Clarinets With Case


Old King Log
Staff member
One piece bodies may indicate ebonite rather than wood, although the stamping looks like a wood horn. They are "vintage", as the front of the body register vent indicates, so they could have overlapped the High Pitch era - I'd make certain of return privileges if they turn out (despite the posting) to be high pitch horns. And, watch out for cracks - one piece body wood instruments are more prone to cracking than shorter joints.

The missing barrel and bell may not be that big of a problem, as you can probably use the single barrel and bell included with either horn. There may be some tuning adjustments with the barrel, but the bell (due to the low Eb extensions on the horn, a key that doesn't really need to be utilized at all) is mostly there for resonance for the low E and middle of the staff B.

(The low Eb might be out of tune on one or the other, depending on which bell you've got, but you don't need the low Eb on either horn - it's never (with apologies to Gilbert, "Well, hardly ever") written for the A instrument, and not needed on the Bb, since you've got an A clarinet in the same box. And, don't you go falling for the "It's a useful alternative to the pinch Bb" pitch that some snake oil folks will approach you with.)

They would class as "3/4 Boehm" instruments, since they're not provided with the fork Eb/Bb ring for the LH ring finger. It's a fingering that I wasn't all that fond of in my younger days, but that I have found myself using more and more as I grew older.


Brassica Oleracea
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I assume you're talking about THIS AD. Your link takes me to your watch list, wanabe.

It has interested me that rubber clarinets have actually been around for a really long time. I do, however, think that these horns are wooden, though, because of the brown peeking through in some of the pics. It looks a lot like the "1920s one piece" one that Steve has on ClarinetPerfection.com. I do see "LP" in one of the ad's pics (in this one, too), so that shouldn't be a problem. It's got two mouthpieces, and that crystal one might be a very interesting find.

Terry, you mentioned that you might be able to swap the barrel and bell from one body to another. Do you think this could be a Bb and C pair, rather than Bb and A?

I'm actually thinking about putting in a bid. (Hey, I did get both of those Rascher mouthpieces sold :).) Probably not to play, but to get fixed up and resold.
SOTSDO - Come on now. They are a charitable organization that sell donated items on line for a very good cause. Give them a break!

Pete - Thank you for your action on that error of mine. You are right about that crystal mouthpiece, especially if it turns out to be an old Selmer and not a Chinese plastic copy.
I apologise if I gave the impression that your opinion is not greatly respected here. I was referring to your very short,"I'd make certain of return privileges if they turn out (despite the posting) to be high pitch horns. And, watch out for cracks - one piece body wood instruments are more prone to cracking than shorter joints." The two are clearly marked "LP". Cracks? Well these guys are not clarinet experts and may not realize that a crack is as serious as it really is. They are a charity, and cannot be expected to have expertise in all of the fields that they deal in. That's probably why you can buy some things at ten cents on the dollar from them. You pays your money and you takes tour chances. I have bought from them in the past and have had very good success with returns on both occasions that I asked for one. I have seen trombones listed as trumpets and oboes listed as clarinets, so don't be surprised and look carefully at the pictures. I do not believe that you were impuning their integrity, but some may see it that way.
Tony, let me know if I can help you here. Since I work for Quinn the Eskimo Vintage horns, I get great shipping rates and take advantage of their international shipping expertise.

EDIT: Nevermind, it looks like it sold already.
Many thanks for your most generous offer of help. +
They have probably gone beyond the point where it would be an interesting and economic project, so I'm not going to pursue them, but your gesture is very much appreciated.


Brassica Oleracea
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My opinion? I think that's about right. I don't think I'd mind even a bit higher, if I had bid. Now, if I knew that this was an A and Bb pair and knew that they didn't have problems other than needing new pads, corks, etc., definitely higher. In other words, the buyer either got a really good deal or just an OK one :).
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