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Interesting Horns on ebay


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There were a couple requests for me to start doing this again, as I try to go through all ebay-listed saxophones at least once a month, but not limiting myself to just US horns. These horns are mainly going to be ones that I deem worthy for Helen's and my picture gallery and/or ones people specifically have asked me to try and find and/or ones I just think are cool. I am not recommending any of these sellers or horns.

Considering I jump between ebay.com, ebay.fr, ebay.de, etc., please note the currency. If I just use $, that means US currency.
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Selmer Reference 54 Kookaburra Eb alto: $5999
Selmer Reference 54 Hummingbird Eb alto: $5330
Selmer Modele 26 Bb tenor with modern keywork: $4183
Galassine low G bass (Super Biaxo): $4995. Hey, a modern bass sax under $5K that hasn't been beaten with 20,000 small hammers.
1861 Adolphe Sax Eb Alto: $5500. Looks like Uwe's downgrading the price every week.
Very old Rampone & Cazzani Bb bass: $4300. I'd worry about this being high pitch.
Old Orsi ("Bears") Bb bass: $4,000: Average shape.
Adolphe-Edouard Sax straight Bb soprano: $2753. Pre-Selmer.
Keilwerth Toneking Special straight alto: $2500
Uncommon Buescher Aristocrat short-neck Eb bari: $2900. Allegedly new pads and corks.
King Zephyr alto (484xxx) and tenor (437xxx) pair: $1895. Tenor is repadded and the alto looks like it has a replacement neck. Great price to get two horns, tho.
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