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Interesting tárogatós

Are they still classed as tarogatok though? I really cannot see the point of changing the fingering system as the Albert is more than`adequate, and most players can get around the instrument well enough. All it takes is practice!


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There is some debate as to whether they are really taragotok. Purists say 'no'. I play both Boehm clarinet and Albert tárogató. There is no question that Boehm is easier in a few spots, such as C or D to F natural--the fork fingering is not ideal, either from the standpoint of technique or that of tone quality. Still, that is part of the charm of the instrument. In the orchestra, the only woodwind that is not Boehm these days is the bassoon. There have been plenty of efforts to rationalize some of the quirks of the bassoon, including adding keys so as not to have long finger holes cut diagonally through the wood. All have failed, because the instrument no longer sounds enough like a bassoon! So I do believe that the Albert system is better from a standpoint of "character". Otherwise, better just to play the soprano sax...