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International Jazz Festival, Detroit MI?


Private woodwind instructor
If anyone had gone to this in the past....

Could you please give me some info as to parking availability, navigating the traffic, crowd, and if it would be safe for me to attend this event alone/unescorted.

The Ionia High School Jazz Band is supposed to perform there on Labor Day. Two of my girls are in the band. The plan is for them to go a day ahead to check out some of the other performances and spend the night. I am unable to chaperone, so.......

If you could help a lady out it would me greatly appreciated.
Maybe if you incorporate a visit to Steve or Ed they might have some ideas for you.
I was kinda hoping one of them had been and would chime in.
I guess I leave really early in the morning and hope for the best....
I'm in Chicago. There are years when I don't make it downtown for our jazz fest. I've never been to Detroit for the festival but used to hear good things about it.
Do you think it might help if I asked if anyone would care to serve as my 'Escort' at the Festival? :confused:
Will you be paying? Bonus for happy ending?:emoji_rage:
Wonder if Marty will be going?:???:
Wow! Coming in on post number 5 and reading on was quite the conversation to walk in on. :emoji_smile:

Reminds me of a movie I saw on the weekend. But that's another story, and we don't have a category for this type of discussion here...;-)
I think he's up to his ears in 'Cash for Clunkers', and other 'stuff'.
Besides, Detroit is a pretty long drive from Bahsten.....
Too bad Marty doesn't have access to a dependable fuel efficient car.:-D
My issue has worked itself out.
I will be going down on Sunday with the band after all. They need the BIG vehicles to transport the band members and extra luggage.
The school refused to give us a bus, but we can use the school owned Expedition to haul the Band Booster owned equipment trailer.

If anyone is heading to Detroit for the Jazz Festival be sure to be at the Meijer Educational Stage from 1-1:45 and check out the Ionia High School Jazz Combo. These kids are GOOOOOD!
Find me and I'll be happy to buy you a beverage! :-D
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