IW C Sop by Eppelsheim?

I spoke to Eric Falcon, who makes the sax mouthpieces at Warburton


He said he can make one of their soprano mouthpieces with a short facing
The high register has been very difficult for me to play. Groove has made some suggestions that have gotten me interested in the instrument again. I've posted them here: http://biskey7.wordpress.com/2011/05/14/eppelshiem-reese-c-soprano-sax/
The linky in your blog for "Gandalfe buys an Eppelsheim & Reese C Soprano" is broken. And it hasn't been two years :).

Interesting that IW is bankrupt. Wonder if that's because they were known for their "odd" saxophones, particularly their basses. I know that the reason why Mr. Eppelsheim is able to sell his odd horns is because it's a, "You order it, we make it and while they're very good, they're also priced that way."

I still think that if I was in the market to buy a C instrument that's in the soprano range, I'd get a C clarinet. But that's just me.
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