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Jacques Albert Cor Anglais

Hello, I'm newbie here and novice on Cor Anglais too. I picked up a JA Cor Anglais about 10 years ago. I don't think it's playing properly - maybe there's a leak, but wondering how much the instrument might be worth a) in its current condition where you can't get in the upper register reliably but there are no cracks in the wood, b) How much would it be worth if it were fully serviced and overhauled? c) how much to overhaul roughly an instrument like this? d) any ideas when it was made?


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Brassica Oleracea
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Note that the pic in your post is, like, microscopic. I think you just posted a thumbnail.
Being an Older Horn there is no model name, as I've put above its a Jacques Albert CA. It plays in lower register but not the lowest notes and not very well in upper register - needs some adjustment, maybe a few new pads.
All the corks are good. Would love to know its value as is, and how much after making it playable and how much it might be ball park figure after fully overhauled.


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