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Java Reds

One more update: played a big band gig this afternoon with the Java Reds on tenor. Worked out very well. They are my tenor reed. Time to order 2-3 more boxes. Am also going to try the V12's for alto and the C* They sound like exactly what I need for concert band work.
For those of you who have played the Green Javas and the Red Javas ... what do you hear (if anything) is different in your sound? or how it feels to play them?

I Played on V16 8 with Rigotti 4.5 hard for the longest time ... and then with help from my private lesson prof I realized I was working WAYYYY to hard ... and now I play a Metal Otto Link 7 with a Java 3.

I like the java because it gives my sound more of that commercial edge I am going for. (I tried softer Rigottis and V16s and ZZ and Jazz Select ... didn't like any of them)

Thanks :eek:)
Finally got around to trying the reds. End of school got in the way of practicing in a major way.

I opened one of the packages, and stuck it on the piece. It played just like I like them straight out of the box. I played alto for an hour or so, and used the same reed on three different pieces.

It seems to me the tip is just a tad thicker than the RSJs I've been playing lately.

The only bad thing is that it tasted kind of bitter. I wonder if they're doing something chemically before they seal them up?!?
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