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Jeanjean 18 Etudes Accompaniment Companion available!

If you are interested in getting your copy of the Jeanjean Accompaniment Companion, it is now available.
The two books include accompaniment parts for all the Jeanjean 18 Etudes. They come in a 2 volume set with 9 in each. There are no clarinet parts, you must own your own copy of the clarinet studies.

They can be purchased here: Book 1 - Etudes 1 thru 9

and Book 2 - Etudes 10 thru 18

These accompaniments took many hours of creative thinking and writing to publish, but, I think they make the etudes more fun and artistic. They will need to be worked out in rehearsal for the pianist is performing 'blind' in the sense that they can not see what the clarinetist is playing. I tried to get a release of copyright to include partial clarinet cues, but was unsuccessful with the publisher.

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