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Jeanjean 18 Etudes accompaniment Companion

Hi all, I am new to this forum. I am a composer, member of the Cleveland Composers Guild. My brother is an accomplished clarientist and asked me to do accompaniments for the 18 Paul Jeanjean 18 Etudes. He asked me to do this after hearing my accompaniments for the 36 Transcendental Etudes for Trumpet by Theo Charlier.

I have completed 2 and thought I'd share them with this community. The printed accompaniment does not come with the clarinet part. The accompaniment is a companion to the 18 Etudes by Jeanjean that you would own. Copyright does not permit me to include the clarinet part. The sound files do contain the clarinet so that you can hear how the 2 go together. If you are interested in having a copy for yourself, I would be glad to work that out with you individually.

I have the first 2 completed and you can hear them here:

Étude 1

Étude 2

Best regards,
I see a few of you have listened to the first 2 etudes. I have now completed the 3rd Étude. If you would like, you can hear it here:

Étude No. 3

I am really looking for comments, so, if there is something about the pieces you would like to add, please feel free to comment.

Hi All,

If you'd like to purchase the accompaniment for Étude No. 1, I have it for sale on lulu.com.
Each single accompaniment will sell for $9.00. I know that seems a bit high, but after Lulu takes out cost of production and their share, I get less then $4.00.

I have the first 3 accompaniments available on Lulu.com all at the same price.

If you're interested, check it out: Étude No. 1

Best regards,
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