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Keeping the chops in shape

As reed 1 in a local pit band that works 28+ weeks a year, I have to keep my chops up.

I spend most of my time working out on oboe and flute....only picking up sax (alto or sop), clarinet and piccolo a week prior to the gig. When we're not playing a show, I'm playing jazz or swing on sax and clarinet.

What about you guys?


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Since my doubles are usually sop, alto, tenor, bari, and bass sax, I don't usually have to worry about chops because I'm in three groups and playing a lot. Clarinet, picked up in my 50s is my challenge. So for that I keep a practice student quality clarinet next to my desk and try to play it daily. When I get to an organized practice, the pro clarinet sounds so good in comparison. I live to play bass clarinet, maybe I should play that in community band instead of alto sax?