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Keilwerth: Bass Sax


Brassica Oleracea
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I had an e-mailer, the other day, that has an interesting bass sax. It's a Toneking and it has the same engraving as 1930ish JK Tonekings, but it's not made by JK. It's a Rene Guenot.

What's the earliest JK bass model? I've only seen and heard of SX-90s.
I recently saw a JK-made Toneking. I forgot if the serial # was listed or not. I'll have to dig around a bit to see where it was, and if I have saved the pics...
The Toneking-actually-Rene-Guenot bass I mention above is pictured here (Google drive folder) and is side-by-side compared to the Rene Guenot bass here, at the bottom of the article. My e-mailer (Sam) may have also contacted you in the past. However, if you have pics of another Toneking bass, that'll be very interesting.


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The horn that I saw for sale for at a music store in Europe. Someone who writes to me regularly sent me the link. I checked and I didn't save the pics, so I will have to go back and find the email, and see if I can still find the original sale somewhere.

Did this owner recently buy the horn? I'm wondering if it's the same one.
Survey says ... no. At least a year, going by dates mentioned.

In any event, I'm not particularly interested in my e-mailer's horn -- for the purposes of this thread, at least. Other than to note that it's not a Keilwerth :).
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