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Keilwerth: Somebody needs a Hug ...


Brassica Oleracea
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Tenor, that is.

I was sorting through some pictures to upload after my gallery finishes thinking and I came across this SOTW thread. A horn that's engraved "Spezialmodell HUG 1." The poster asks if the horn's a Keilwerth. I'm fairly sure it is. Yes, it's missing a front altissimo F and a G# trill, but it looks an awful lot like this Toneking, otherwise.

The Hug serial number is 123xx. That'd be 1938/9, if I use the Keilwerth serial number chart. The Toneking I linked to, above, is 1939/40. So, I wanted to see if there was a music shop in Switzerland named "Hug." Yup. Where did I find the link? Keilwerth's website :D. Also, I do have another Keilwerth horn from around the same time that doesn't have the Keilwerth "Best in the World" stamp, but "Julius Keilwerth" is engraved on the bell.

Love the name, tho.
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