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Légère Signature Reeds - Take Two


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From David Thomas' blog the Buzzing Reed:

This past April, while trying mouthpieces at Richard Hawkins studio in Oberlin, OH, I noticed he is still playing them. I tried his Legeres and loved them. I decided to give them another try.


Note, at $30 a sop clarinet reed, I think I'll pass.
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I'm playing on signatures on clarinet :cool:

Long story short ... I tried 3 different new legere's and they all sounded like crap. I thought it was me until I put on an older legere of the same strength.

Anyways ... I prefer to play plastic so I gave the signatures a go and it's working so far :eek:)
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I know a couple of local players who love them. I haven't found one that really works for me yet.

Carl H.

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I have enough trouble getting the local store to stock one strength of Fibracell or Bari without getting them to order in an assortment of Legere's in different makes and strengths.

The one Legere I tried years ago was OK, but on the 3rd hour of use (middle of the concert) it split right down the center. I gave up on them after that.