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Landell Flute Repair Course

Has anyone ever gone to the Landell Flutes repair course or have a comment about it? I was thinking of taking the courses so I can maintain and repair my own flute.


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for those unaware of the Landell Flutes courses (such as myself) go here


Without actually being in their classes I'll make a general statement

First, they offer a TuneUp manual, specific to the flute for $25
I highly suggest starting with the manual.

Then read it .. tinker with a fllute, read it again, more tinkering, and repeat.

You'll find this very valuable. and as you build up your experience tinkering your knowledge and interpretation of what they are saying will increase dramatically.

Upon reading the manual, you will then see the list of items (or check their website) for learning to properly maintain your flute. Then you can check into the cost of those tools.

All of their classes look really interesting as you start with one of their flutes bodies !!
I don't know the specific quality of that particular body that they provide but sound pretty good non-the-less ... Of the one i looked at their classes last about 3 days.

I will provide one part of warning though. It may take me 30 minutes to do "something" on a flute, and may take you 4 hours or more to do the same thing. Quality also is interpretable.

BUT, by all means, learn to self-help your flute. But also know your limits as to what you want to do, and what you should leave for someone else to do. But for a majority of the fixes you should easily be able to keep your flutes in tip-top shape.

The best thing a repair person can do is to constantly do repair as it keeps their skills improving and their knowledge current. This is the only problem with a once-in-a-while repair person. But for simple things it should be really rewarding. :)
You know, it never occurred to me to post the web address. That may have helped.

Thank you for the advice and tips.
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