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Leaving flute laying about?

When I practice I generally come and go because I have little kids so they will play the piano while I practice and then run off and go back and forth. Is it ok to leave my flute together and set it down on a padded place and leave it all day? Or if it's laying quiet for several hours should I take it apart and put it away? Thanks


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You probably don't have to worry about the keys or body deforming. Unless you have a solid gold flute. I think it would affect pad life, tho. Also, where do you put the flute so little kids can't get at it? I'm picturing a stand on top of the piano, but I can think of ways for that to be a problem.


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I've had clarinets and saxes out on a stand for years. Even had a flute when I was trying to master that beastie. Love to pick up an instrument when the muse strikes me, especially when a good song comes on. But I don't have kids running around anymore. Just a german shepherd who thinks my tenor sax needs a good licking. So far, so damage in over 20 years of doing this. I do take them down to oil, swab, and cork grease them pretty regularly though.
All great suggestions so far. I’m not sure I can add anything to them, except that everything in life is a risk, and you try to mitigate the risk the best you can. I suppose that if the flute is not a very expensive one, and you have your eye on one that is maybe a couple thousand dollars more......leaving it out and it get damaged, might justify the purchase of a new Flute????!!!!! (Cough, Cough)
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