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Less Expensive Bari Sax Swab

Here is a less expensive alternative to the Hodge swab found on Amazon,
I use the Hodge silk swab, this one looks a little "furry" which makes me think that fluff shed from this swab will gum things up:
Reviews look positive overall...

I've been a Clarinet player for a few years now, but after the troubles, would like to get back to playing one of the Saxes!

Amazon.com: HWP HW Pad-Saver for Baritone Saxophone Bow (H-BSB): Musical Instruments

These are used to keep crud from building up in the pig tail. My tech tells me that crud build up is a common problem in
this area of a Bari.
I have used the Hodges swabs in my baris for years. They work great on the Selmer and Martin. No so great on the Couf. The hole is very rough on the inside (likely a dull drill bit according to my tech), and tears the silk like crazy. I am not sure that using a "wooly" swab like this on a rough surface would be a great idea. Me thinks it would leave loose fibers all in the inside of the pigtail. But hey, that's just me...
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