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Library of Concert Titles and Posters

Every time we organise a concert, we scratch our heads thinking of a title for the concert, and then I have to come up with a design for a poster.

Although we do theme some concerts, and our MD can give us the programme of music in time for poster production, sometimes we play in a performance hall that has its own advertising website and printed promotional material - and they require a concert title 6 months in advance to get our concert into their brochure. Then, we have to think of a generic title that gives us the flexibility to pick music at a later date.

I would be surprised if this were not the case for many of us on the forum, involved in Community Bands.

I thought I would post some of our posters here, should they be useful for ideas of titles and designs to visitors of the thread.

It would great if others found the time to also post some of their posters here too, as I would be just as keen to steal others' ideas, as I would be happy for people to steal ours!!

First some posters designed by a graphic designer we used to pay a modest amount for their work.

Odd title, but it was to raise money for the Citizens Advice Bureau

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Then she was unable to to design any more for us, so I took over. The designs went a bit downhill, but they got a whole lot cheaper (ie free)!

For Pageant I found our MD's coat of arms! For the Christmas poster, I took the photo to save time searching for a graphic

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Old King Log
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On the Macintosh system, there is a software package (which I think is part of the suite you get with the machine; I saw it on a machine at the dealership/store, and they usually don't include pay software) that does all of that glow and fancy lettering. It's the sort of thing that the television stations use for the intros to their Eyewitless News shows.

I played around with it for about five minutes, and by the end of my time I was producing fancy lettering with all the glow effects, and with the lettering passing in review.

It's something to look into if you are looking to "bump" your poster skills up a notch.
That's helpful, SOTSDO

One of the (many) things that separates my efforts from the graphic designer's is the shiny, embossed, shadowed and sparkly fonts she used. I gave searched for something comparable, with no joy. I do think the font is important to the appeal of the design so try and deploy something appropriate, but it is always flat.

I am a dyed in the wool PC user, but my wife, daughter and 2 sons all use Macs. My sons have flown, my daughter about to, and my wife doesn't really know how to use the thing, having only had it this year. When she asks my help with it, it is fairly intuitive (apart from 'delete') but I just don't know my way around it like a PC, apart from the things it shares with an iPad/Phone.

I get by for my posters with MS Publisher - I might go cap in hand to my wife and see if I can take a greater interest in her Mac...
I was interested to see the locations of some of your concerts. Over 60 years ago my family lived in Chandlers Ford and later in a house in The Avenue, Southampton. We live in a small world.


Brassica Oleracea
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Great thread. Thanks for creating it!


Old King Log
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Go to the local Mac store (the one at the mall) and ask some of the back office staff (not just the sales folks up in the front) about the program (the name of which I cannot recall for the life of me) that does this sort of thing. Since it was installed on a floor machine (which I was playing around with while waiting for a Genius Bar appointment), it's probably there somewhere.

It really was amazing what I was able to do with 1) no manual (I hate not having a printed manual for software), 2) no assistance (all of the staff was busy with other appointments, and my time was not yet up), and 3) not much more of a sense of style than the proportion of threes and other basic stuff.

You could even have rotating circles of stars and other objects behind the text - all this and in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment to boot.

One hopes that it doesn't cost $400 a pop (or comes with a monthly subscription).


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There ya go.

All of these concert flyers were created on LibreOffice Draw, for one because it's free, then it is quite near DTP re its features (especially placing and sizing of objects) and most importantly there is a portable version which can be run off an USB stick and you don't have to install some long forgotten application just to reuse some of you pasture work.

MVHW2008.jpg MVHW2009.jpg MVHW2010.jpg
MVHW2012.jpg MVHW2014.jpg MVHWKiKo.jpg

I'll tell you some more about our M.O. in the "promotions" thread...
Poster for our next concert. It is a title we had to make up well before knowing what music was being played!



Old King Log
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Our postal system would go nuts with addresses like that (the one in the first poster, without a postal code). I always wonder how the Post in the UK manages to get deliveries through.

I used to correspond with George MacDonald Fraser, the author of the Flashman series of novels, on a regular basis. His address on the Isle of Man was something like:

George MacDonald Fraser
The Hudamont Lodge
Isle of Mann

Every letter got through, without fail. Go figure.
The Isle of Mann is pretty tiny, and a well known person's mail would pose no problem to local knowledge.

The key to the rest of the UK is the post code, which narrows it down to a few houses. Having said that, the post code for the Netley Venue is not the venue at all, but a post code purely for the purposes of SatNavs - to deliver the trusting follower of said SatNav to the entrance of the park.

The venue is an interesting one, the only standing building of what was a huge military hospital dating from the 19th century. When it was built, it was the world's longest building!.
Some details here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netley_Hospital

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