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Looking for a Contrabass Clarinet

I am in need of a B flat Contrabass Clarinet. I am creating this thread to find out if someone has such an instrument available that they would be willing to sell. I would prefer an instrument under $1000 (I am aware that it's extremely cheap for a contrabass) but I do not care about the model and would even accept an instrument that perhaps needs some work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
I think ebay might be your only avenue. Or CraigsList. You might ask at a local school or college, particularly if they're old buildings: the contrabass I played in high school was in a corner buried under a bunch of ancient Bb clarinet cases. Sometimes schools will sell them if they're not economical for them to fix.

You could always try to build one (octocontra).


Content Expert Saxophones
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I don't know of many bass clarinets--good ones anyway--that sell for that price. Good luck on the search. I think you will be hunting for a while, or will have to increase the price you are willing to pay.
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