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Looking for a decent Bass Clarinet for 3k and under.

Looking for a nice decent vintage Selmer Paris 9 or other Bass Clarinets with double register key vents for 3k or under.


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I was considering paying about 1750ish for one that needed work before I decided to get the model 35 I got very recently for my graduating present (for more, obviously) so I'll agree with what Pete said.
(I'll probably say more on that bass later. I did obviously pay more as it was already in fairly good shape, just the inside of the case wasn't packed as well as it could be so it came with two leaks. I did get a C* and a nice BAM case with it, though.)
Sorry, this forum went down the other day and I wanted to give an update to my situation.

I got the Selmer worked on at my local tech here in NYC.

Had some repadding, recorking and adjustments done.

Only thing it's missing is the lyre holder which is unnecessary,

the other thing that I gonna have installed on the future is the top join strap hook ring that somebody removed in the past. I'm gonna need that extra hook ring for more stability when I play standing up with the strap.

Anyone have any recommendations for a decent Bass Clarinet mouthpiece? I'm using the cheap Ridenour Encore mouthpiece right now, it plays ok but I want to spend a little more on a decent one to start actual playing with.
I've looked at the Vandoren B45,B46 and the B50.
B50 looks pretty cool.

*Can anyone tell me the things to look for in a Bass Clarinet mouthpiece? What does it mean if a mouthpiece is too close?

Right now I using a Rovner light ligature and a Legere 2.5 synthetic Reed.


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Huh... I see now that my rather lengthy reply to you has gone *** Poof*** into cyberspace. .... Ugh.... I will see what I can come up with in the next couple of days. I had written to you about my quest for a MP for my BC I bought last year... Sometimes I hate technology.... itd_3d_ani_w60_smiles_048.gif
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