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Pictures of some very specific pitches:

* Eb sopranino
* Conn-O-Sax and F Mezzo Soprano
* C soprano
* Bb bass
* 16V Sarrusophone

New Wonder Transitional-engraved horns. Any finish. Original engraving.

I'm also looking for really good pictures of gold-plated New Wonder "Transitional" horns, in any pitch but alto. Again, original engraving, please.

Please post or e-mail me. Thanks!
Oh, Jim, so many places I could go with that, but I'll be nice :p.

I'm not quite sure which pics you're referring to.
Oh. OK.

I've got all the calendar pics archived. I do remember at least one Conn from you -- an F Mezzo that was so nice I used it twice -- but I don't remember any Transitional-engraved ones. I'll have to take another look in my archives.
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