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Ah uhm... You could always point to my website you know... It is still up--at least it is right now-- ;) I have lots of LUS models.

What's really interesting about this horn is that it is the first King Solo that I have seen. Before this horn, the Solo was first a sub-model that appeared under the Toneking--which of course was the successor to the King.

BTW, speaking of odd King sub-models, let's not forget the Imperial tenor that I had someone send me pics of that had been in his family since new. To this day it is the only JK I have seen with eyebrow keyguards.


Brassica Oleracea
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Take a look at the side Bb/C/altissimo E&F keys. Major difference. They're also bigger pictures. Nyah!

That Imperial is interesting for lots of reasons, but I'm gonna go with the, "Best of the World," engraving and no Keilwerth stamp near the thumbrest. It'd be interesting to see if there are any other "Imperial" models under the New King or Toneking categories, as this one is obviously in the "King" category. Helen, just out of curiosity, did JK discontinue the King model line before, during, or after WWII?
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