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Lorry horn sound

Ive just started playing the Bb clarinet. This is my first instrument (its a second hand yamaha ycl26) and im planning on getting a few lessons after the festivities. Anyway, ive been messing around with it practising 3 blind mice and other learners songs, making sure my lips are correct and restarting if i make the squeaky brakes or if i can hear a leak however my low notes sound awfully like a lorry horn and not smooth. Is this simply a case of practise makes perfect or is there a problem with my tooter?
If you're just starting out it could be either. Can you get somebody with a bit more expertise than you to try the instrument? If it works for them then it's probably down to you. Most of us sounded like car horns or worse when we started. Try standing in front of a mirror so that you can see your finger placement.
Ive noticed that at times i do struggle to get the fingers right on the lower notes but i can correct that easily :)

I can get the first 4 notes of gnossienne no1 (i am chipping away at it as its a favourite of mine after hearing it on the game 'the end is nigh') perfect but im not sure on how to do the quick d to c#. Ill discus this when i take my lessons :)
I have been practicing :) ive been playing gymnopedie no1. Ive only just realised ive been playing on the wrong register! I should of been playing high when ive been playing low lol


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Distinguished Member
Tone Production
  • Make sure the chin is flat, and the jaw and teeth feel as if they are pulling down away from the reed
  • Play long tones on the mouthpiece and barrel holding the note F# concert with a big, full, steady tone
  • Remember the clarinet generally uses fast, cold air.
Hand position
  • Cover all of the holes and squeeze while counting to 10. Release and see if the "rings" are in the center of the finger pads.
  • Be careful not to put the thumb too far past the thumbrest. If it hurts, get a cushion or covering
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