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Micro recorder


I would like to purchase a micro recorder to make recordings of clarinet/piano arrangements I will be playing on.

Would someone please make a recommendation on what they are using to assist me in my purchase.

THis is a digital wav recorder to record live music , talking etc. I will then convert wav files to mp3.

Thank you

I like the Zoom kits. I put mine on a tripod (same kind as for my video camera) and strategically place it. Many of my musician friends use these during the band practice and then listen afterwards to ID places they want to concentrate upon. We also record concerts and then place the music on private sites to practice against.

The H4n uses compact SD or high-capacity SDHC memory cards of up to 32GB for over 15 hours of recording time at 24-bit/96kHz. Or, using MP3 format at 128 kpbs, get over 550 hours of recording time on one card.

Good stuff.
Oh, and by strategically I mean not next to the drums if there are any. Once you start using the recorder you will most likely find yourself recording ensembles like the ones you might want to play in. If any recorder is next to the drummer, you won't hear the rest of the group. So I usually position the recorder on the opposite side from the stick man. :cool:
I also like the Zoom. I prefer the H2 because it lacks features I don't want or need. If you want those features, get the H4. I know they have the H1 but I haven't tried it yet. I've tried many recorders and the only one I thought was better than the Zoom was the Marantz, which costs more than double and I thought wasn't worth it for the very small improvement that you would only even notice in a direct A/B test anyway.
I seem to remember that we had another thread on this and it was more-or-less agreed that the Zoom was the best.
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