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MM Vintage Deluxe LH Mod

This is a newly finished MM Vintage Deluxe LH Mod. It happens to be on a Martin Magna Alto, but also works just as well on any Conn, or any other vintage horn. Similar to the original MM Vintage LH Mod, it adds a tilting Bb spatula - at 45 degrees to the body - linked to the C#, and a LH articulated C# mechanism. Bb-C#-Bb slides are silky smooth.

The next one will have a tilting B spatula as well.
That's not an issue. The only way you can get one is to buy a MartinMods "Ultimate" SATBB (Martin, Conn, Buescher, King, etc.) sax. The next version will look like this and it rivals any Mk6 design:
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