More Info, Pics and Video of the 16V

This one looks like a very good example of this instrument.

I found a single reed mouthpiece for this horn in a junk box. Since the mouthpieces were rare (the photo in this article is my photo of my mouthpiece), I thought I'd try to find the instrument itself. By sheer luck, I found a Conn Eb contrabass sarrusophone TWO WEEKS later at Dillon Music in the New York area.

I found the instrument very easy to play, but I like the sound of a saxophone better. When Benedikt Eppelsheim introduced the Tubax, I bough one and sold my Conn contrabass Sarrusophone to help fund the purchase of the Tubax. No regrets. The Tubax is a great contrabass instrument, easier to play and more versatile than the Sarrusophone.
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