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Mouthpiece Patches

Dave Dolson

Distinguished Member
Distinguished Member
I never used (or liked) mouthpiece patches until I bought two Morgan Vintage soprano pieces. I've created substantial bite-marks on both mouthpieces just in the relatively short time I've owned them. I've had to do a fill-in on one and apply a patch on the other one to stop the bite-through on the beak.

I've never had even a mark on other HR soprano pieces (mostly Selmer S-80's and Super Sessions over the years). I'm attributing those marks on the Morgans to softer material. However, the patch doesn't bother me. DAVE
I use them all the time. Don't really like the feel of teeth on anything hard.
Ditto. My preference is the clear 3M; two of them. Last very long and can be moved as well as flipped 180 degrees for increased longevity.
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