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Mouthpiece tip opening

I recently bought a mouthpiece for my tenor sax (a Conn 10 M), an Otto Link Tone Edge 6. Does the tip opening influence the way the mouthpiece sounds a lot? I like a deeper sound. In other words, does the sound change if I would get a size 7 or 8? Or do I also have to change my reeds for that?
I play in a big band. Our repertoire is 40's/50's music (Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington etc.). I love to play jazz by myself.

Carl H.

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Distinguished Member
Given that everything else is the same, a bigger tip should play brighter than a smaller tip.

Generally as the tip size increases, the reeds chosen will get softer to achieve a similar level of playability and response. At extremes all bets are off however.


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There is so much that comes into play with the size of the mouthpiece. And the difference between a 5 and a 6 or a 7 and 8 probably is not noticeable to anyone. The question for most people who are in search of that perfect sound is, do you do long tones? Have you had someone monitor a tuner while you play one note at a time across the range of the instrument? Knowing how to feel the beat and and hear the intonation is very important for most players. Maybe 20% of them can do that out there. So the question is, what is your background, where are you in your journey to learning to play. Because until we know that, we really can't advise you on what mouthpiece you *might* like. Let us know more so that we can hazard a suggestion.
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