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MP3 Downloads for Fan-Funding New Recordings

Roger Aldridge

Composer in Residence
Distinguished Member
MP3 downloads of my originals are available at Bandcamp for $1.00 per track. Purchasing these recordings is an easy way to help to fund new recordings of my music. https://rogeraldridge.bandcamp.com/
Hi Pete! I have thought about kickstarter or similar kinds of group funding for a project. In fact, one of my nieces who is a playwright in NYC used crowd funding to raise $8K for her most recent show. I decided to use Bandcamp (at least as a way to start) because it's a good match for the amount that I'd like to have. And, I don't have other things -- besides the MP3 downloads -- that I can offer to people who donate $$. However, I'll keep Kickstarter in the back of my mind for future possibilities.
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