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Primeramente, por favor desculpe mi Espa~ol. No es mi primera idioma. tambien mis keynoard no tiene las leteras correctas para escribir en Espa~ol. Pero, yo quiero decir gracias para su web page. Necesitamos mas paginas como este. Possiblemente puede ayudarme que aprender Espa~ol.
Sorry Pete. I was writting in spanish because Wanable sent me a message in this language. Wanable said that he likes the web-page musicalclarinet.com. I answered him with many thanks. Anyway sorry for my poor english. It is very hard to manage musicalclarinet on my own and its impossible to post in spanish and english but google translator solve it. Bye bye.
One of the few rules we have here is to post in English. It's not because we're language snobs, it's because we're basically illiterate in everything else. So, posting in something other than English makes it hard for us to administrate this forum effectively. Also, posting something in a language other than English cuts out a lot of our existing members from participating here.

I do know enough basic Spanish to get by, same with French and Italian -- I took Latin in high school and college -- thus I kinda knew what the post was about, but please attempt English in the future. If you want to talk about creating a specific language sub-forum here, please e-mail or PM me. We'll chat.

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